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Fred Wynn

Fred Wynn was a Kiama builder who joined the Alpine Club virtually on its inception in 1958, and he quickly became involved in its activities. He went over the plans for the lodge on behalf of the committee, checking them for quality and value, and he built the original bunks in his Kiama garage. He also spent many hours working on repairs and improvements to the lodge once it was built, both in organised working bees and while in Thredbo to ski. When the lodge was severely damaged by the explosion of the hot water system in 1968, his involvement escalated further.  Trusted by the club and with his building skills well known to the members, he was engaged to rebuild the front half of lodge to a larger scale. What resulted was a building that was a great improvement in terms of amenity and comfort. By this time Fred had become the club's junior vice-president. He moved up to the position of senior vice-president in 1970 and in 1974 became the club's president for a two-year stint. Thereafter he was a committee member for several more years. Fred's most important contribution, though, was the rebuilding of the lodge, with his brother Ron, in 1983-84. This was a massive undertaking, and some in the club worried about how it would affect Fred's health particularly when the project began to run behind schedule. The worst happened in early 1984, when Fred had a heart attack in the partly-built lounge room and died: sadly, he was never to see the lodge in its finished state. Howard Waters, the club president at the time, remembered Fred years later as "a great club man, very dedicated, easy to deal with, reliable, very trustworthy and very competent." The Kiama Alpine Club could not have had a better person to build its facility to modern standards. Fred Wynn made an enormous contribution to the club over more than 25 years, and his life membership was entirely befitting of his efforts. Today, a pair of his hickory skis adorn the bulkhead in the lounge room.


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